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Photo Queen Tamara panorama strobist portrait

for David Hobby with respect!

Photo Queen Tamara panorama strobist portrait

         Photo «Queen Tamara» - (Queen Tamara) is a synthesis of different techniques and genres. This is a creative experiment, but one that ended well. Any creative person knows exactly when connecting different areas get something interesting and new.

         Photo is a panorama of six frames - landscape at sunset. And at the same time - posed strobist portrait.  Panorama shot in the technique of "dynamic capturing panoramic photos" & strobist portrait and panorama. To shoot a panorama, portrait, there are some subtleties - you need to make the model in the picture does not overlap on the adjacent images. Used to illuminate the well-known flash vivitar 285 hv, or rather their clone - cactus KF36. Earlier this strobist photo in blog was named "strobist at sunset"

Photo Queen Tamara panorama strobist portrait

         An authentic costume for this photoset was made according to historical data. Queen Tamara - a heroine of the Georgian epic, which is best reflected in the work of the poet Shota Rustaveli. In the role of Queen Tamara posed a great artist Nadya Kroholeva.
         It is worth to talk about the school staging of light, which is supported by the author, and traditions which are stored for a long time. This is a school lighting, which together with other Lev Kuleshov created in 1918 in the Soviet Union. Especially known for his pupil Sergei Eisenstein and his film "Battleship Potemkin" (1925) which became a kind of strobist pioneer (but it used a mirror). Mentor's photographs was a colleague Kuleshov - Leonid Obolensky.

More detail can look at the video:

+ photo

Царица Тамара - косплейный костюм, стробизм на закате фотограф челябинск

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